I have a therapist but he’s no fucking good!

I broke up with my girlfriend and can’t decide whether to go back or not. I ask my therapist what to do but he won’t fucking tell me. If he says “Go ahead, break up and you’ll be happy,” then I’ll believe him and it’d be great and I’d be done and well and good. If he says, “Don’t do it, you love her and she loves you, you should work at it and make it work and you’ll be happy.” Then I’d believe him and do that and I’d be happy.

But no the fucker won’t make up his mind and I’m fucking stuff without a way of solving all this.

I think he’s doing this on purpose. He knows that if he solved this for me I wouldn’t need him any more so he keeps me tied up in knots so I won’t end my relationship with him and that way he keeps on getting paid.

Either that or he just doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.