First of all, Rod Rosenstein is walking down the courtroom steps wearing tails.  It’s hard to believe but it is true.  We usually see him in a closeup so we don’t have the extra vision of seeing the “whole” Rod Rosenstein.  But go ahead, go back, pull the shots back into a medium shot and you will see that Rod Rosenstein is dressed in tails, like he’s going to his daughter’s bat miztvah.

But he’s wearing tails!  Come on….

Anyone speculating that Rod Rosenstein might be a shill for the Democrats is out of their minds.  A Jew walking down courtroom steps dressed in tails is absolutely 100% Republican.


I don’t have any photos of Amanda.  We were together from 1968 to sometime in 1972.

She was a VW bus.  You know the kind.  The ones that showed up in every photo you’ve ever seen of Woodstock. Amanda actually went to Woodstock.  i went with her.  So did Walt and Carolyn and Wally the Mean Water Pistol Man.

73 People

That’s actually a lie.  It really wasn’t 73 people.  I don’t know how many people it was.  It was plenty!  I sort of remember the number 70-something; maybe 73, maybe 72, maybe 78.  It was a bunch.  It wasn’t 100 but telling the story gets very cluttered when I say all that…so when I get to that line in the story I say, “It was 73 people.”  No ambiguity.  Very clean and straight.  It’s better that way.  But it’s not the truth.  i don’t know the truth.  I don’t care.  It’s better storytelling.

Now that I think of it, I’m gonna start saying “78 people.”